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Walk through the apple orchard for photographs and purchase apples straight from inside the farm shop in the packing shed at Nicoletti Orchards near Stanthorpe on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week.

There’s even an opportunity to pick your own apples while there, but please note that this part of the farm experience must be pre-booked via Nicoletti Orchards. ¬†Book your session here: www.nicolettiorchards.com.au and when you’re visiting just pay by weight for how many apples you wish to take home.

This 100-acre farm, 20 minutes north-west of Stanthorpe grows varieties including the Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Sundowner and Fuji.

Owners Daniel and Toni Nicoletti are passionate 3rd generation apple growers and continue their family tradition, operating their large commercial apple orchard. They know how good a fresh apple can taste and they love to share that great eating experience with visitors to the farm.

Location: Pozieres area, 20 minutes north west of Stanthorpe.

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