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Bush Poets Breakfast

A new addition to the festival, the Poets Breakfast promises to be an unforgettable morning of artistic expression and culinary delight.

Featuring renowned poets Ray Essery, Jack Drake, and Gary Fogerty, the Poets Breakfast will captivate audiences with their eloquent verses, drawing inspiration from the bountiful orchards and vineyards of the region. These accomplished wordsmiths will weave their words into a tapestry of emotions, connecting the audience with the essence of the land and the beauty of its harvest.

Breakfast is included and provided by Rotary, a truly traditional Aussie Breakfast.

Gary Fogarty is one of the busiest performing Bush Poets in Australia. A fiercely proud Australian, his ability to inject his own uniquely ‘bush bred’ personality and humour into everything he does, and to tailor his performances to fit all situations have resulted in his busy schedule.

Jack Drake, Jack recites his own works plus other bush favorites, with fire and gusto to the delight of his audiences both old and young. His life long experience with horses, sheep, cattle and all bush things adds a ring of authenticity to his renditions.

Ray Essery, From his days growing up on a dairy farm to life on the ocean wave as one of the Royal Australian Navy’s youngest petty officers, Ray Essery has had more thrills and spills in his lifetime than most. Yet, he’s still wearing that trademark grin and is always on for a yarn.

Saturday 2nd March 8am -10am

This event is ticketed

Tickets $30

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