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Parking for the disabled on Saturday 3 March is available in two places:

  • In the car park between Rogers Street and Creek Street
  • At the Stanthorpe YMCA. See the map page for location.

Drop off points

There are three disabled/elderly drop off points for Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 March: 

  • The corner of Lock & Creek Street
  • The corner of Railway & Rogers Street
  • Behind the Piazza on Farley Street

See the map page for location.


Most areas are accessible however please note that because foot traffic moves onto the streets that there are some curb edges from footpath to street that will need to be navigated.


Disabled toilets are marked on the map.

They are located in the following areas:

  • In the Art Gallery/Library
  • In the path between the Art Gallery and the swimming pool complex
  • In the Civic Centre
  • In the public toilets behind the Piazza on Farley Street
  • In the Woolworths shopping centre
  • In the Lions Park, between Canarvon Bridge and Ergon depot
  • At the Visitor Information Centre on Leslie Parade

Garden accessibility

Most of the Open Gardens have no accessibility issues. The ones that do are as follows:

  • Bramble Patch – you drive to level ground then walk over a small bridge to the
    garden which is on a small grassed slope from the house leading down to a dam.
    There are toilets at the shop sales area.
  • Bellflower is large garden build on a small slope with gravel or rock walkways, but
    drop-off can be near the house for disabled 50m off the road.
  • Braeside is also a large garden with entry access on a sand bed path to the house.
    Paths have a small to medium gradient. Excellent toilets. Plenty of areas with easy
  • Granite Cottages is a large garden but has an easy road entry access. It has gravel
    pathways and open lawn areas, across a small slope. Toilets available.
  • Tyrel street garden is a small garden with good road access. It has a number of
    smell rock walls and garden tiers with 2 or 3 steps. The whole garden can be
    viewed from a gravel pathway around the garden.


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