Bring a basket and stock up on some of the freshest local produce, at the Stanthorpe Seasonal Feast Market on Friday. By enjoying our wonderful, fresh, healthy produce, you’ll be doing your bit to support the Stanthorpe community which is greatly appreciated! Β Spending locally buying local products keeps money circulating in the local economy supporting local jobs and families.

“If you are looking for a way to help the Stanthorpe Community through the drought then look no further than the Stanthorpe Farmers Market held every Friday right in the middle of town,” invites organiser Rick Humphries

“This is the only truly local fruit and veggie outlet in Stanthorpe. All the fruit and veggies sold at the market is produced by small locally owned and run farms. This guarantees extraordinary freshness and quality. Our broad range of seasonal fruit and vegetables includes spray-free and organic lines. And the icing on the cake is our prices match those of the big supermarkets!” explains Rick.

So come on down to the Farley Street Piazza diagonally across from the Post Office in the main street. The Market runs from 8am to 1pm on Friday 4th of March 2022.


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