Welcome to the Apple and Grape Harvest Festival!

The Apple and Grape Harvest Festival dates back to 1954 when it was known as the “Back to Stanthorpe Week”, now it has grown into one of Queensland’s Iconic events and attracts up to 52000 visitors over it’s current  3 days of fun.

The festival starts with Seasonal Harvest Tours & Harvest Feasts on Thursday and Friday, Apple Day events on Friday, progressing to the gala ball on the Friday night, the street parade and celebrity grape crush on the Saturday.  The day ends with a fantastic fireworks display over the creek and great entertainment in the main street. Finally after you have been partying all night, try the Mt Marley 10K challenge and the Quart Pot Creek 5k walk on the Sunday. The park hosts a taste of the Granite Belt on both the Saturday and Sunday where you can enjoy local wine, cheese, Seasonal Harvest Appreciation Sessions, and swing along to great entertainment throughout the town. The festival is not just for those who have come to sample Wine Country – it is for families too, so there is plenty for the kids to do!  .

While in Stanthorpe, Queensland’s coldest town with the warmest people, stop and have a look around and see the wonderful attractions the Granite Belt is famous for. Girraween National Park, tackle the Pyramid walk, maybe have a swim in the creek or have a barbie along the creek. Check out our about pages to see what we have on offer in this unique region of Queensland.



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